Nectar of Venus Podcast

WTF is Tantra?! with Sebastian Valensi

November 05, 2020 Lua Leo, Sebastian Valensi Season 1 Episode 1
Nectar of Venus Podcast
WTF is Tantra?! with Sebastian Valensi
Show Notes

What is #tantra exactly? Episode from December 2019
Some simple down to earth answers in this Podcast about tantra
I interviewed one of my good friend Sebastian a wonderful tantra teacher
2 Aries talking to each other 😊

- Description of "tantra" in one sentence
- How did Sebastian get into tantra? 
- Why people associate tantra with s~x?
- Tantra principles:
- Embracing all the aspects/emotions, 
- Divinisation, non dual philosophy.
- Spiritual technology for self intimacy and self recognition
- S~x is divine and powerful a sacred spiritual practice.
- Integration of the archetypes, feminine and masculine.
- Difference between Ascetic and Tantric point of view
- Alchemy and Sublimation of the energies.
- Ancient philosophy for modern days.
- There is no tantra without love or self intimacy.
- S~x with multiple partners? Polyamory and avoidance.
- Do we need to be in love to have conscious s~x?
- Connection between mind, heart and s~x.
- Nonejaculation and tantra? Tantric men talk.
- Self investigation with what is draining our life force.
- Tantrics were mystics rebels in love with truth and authenticity breaking the rules and set of moralities
- Is orgasm the goal in tantra?
- What to say/do to someone who is bored during s~x?
- How many different types of org~sms do we have?
- What is necessary for a good s~xual connection?
- Eye gazing why? What is the point?
- Removing the mask, conscious vulnerable communication of desires, fears and boundaries.
- Transfiguration what is it?
- What is intimacy? 
- Being ourselves? how?
- Danger in spiritual path (not aligned/feeling/knowing ourselves)
- Integrate - Connect with your enemies, embrace your other aspects, understanding and compassion.
- How to introduce tantra to a partner who is not into it?
- Sacred time for you, self love to find conscious actions and create an outstanding life.